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SNN: Arrowverse Hot-Takes are Back!

We are back to talk more about our favorite Arrowverse shows and Picard! First our SNN Producer calls out a show for an overreliance on techno-babble. Then our SNN host calls out a writer’s room for taking the coward’s way out. Spoiler alert it's not directed towards The Flash writers, but they have been put on notice too. We rant...we rave...we review this is Scene N’ Nerd.


0:00 Welcome and Happy Birthday Sarah

1:25 Quick news brief about Mulan's PG-13 rating and CBS All Access expanding content.

5:20 Supergirl comes back from break in 5 x 12 "Back from the Future, Part 2" and we have some thoughts.

17:00 Recap of Batwoman episode 1 x 12 "Take Your Choice."

34:00 We zip over to Central City to talk The Flash episode 6 x 12 "A Girl Named Sue."

49:15 Finally we return to the 24th Century to talk Star Trek Picard episode 1 x 4 "Absolute Candor."

#Batwoman #TheFlash #Supergirl #StarTrekPicard

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