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SNN: DC FanDome Patrol

We are back to share our experiences during the DC FanDome event. Brace yourselves this will be a long one. First our SNN host Sarah Belmont shares her experiences, gets choked up on Wonder Woman, and drops into the Suicide Squad. Then our SNN Producer Will Polk chucks his 2017 Justice League copy; runs with the Flash; and finds a Red Hood. Finally our hosts both theory spiral about The Batman. We rant...we rave...we review...this is Scene N’ Nerd.


0:00 Opening thoughts on the DC FanDome event itself and the omnipresent Jake from State Farm. Seriously we give an overview of the entire event to give you a feel for the day.

11:10 We find out that the surprise DC Comics panel was Static Shock and Milestone Comics return.

13:40 Wonder Woman 1984 panel and trailer thoughts.

19:40 The Snyder Cut panel with Zack's interaction with the fans and trailer thoughts.

27:00 Black Adam two words "The Rock."

30:35 Shazoom panel and Sinbad steals the show as we learn the title of the new Shazam movie.

35:45 Javicia Leslie and Caroline Dries talk Batwoman and the legacy of the Bat and also The Joker documentary on Apple TV and where's Superman?

41:00 We get to The Batman and give our thoughts on what Matt Reeves told us, react to that trailer and theory spiral on the potential plot.

49:20 We talk The Flash movie and TV panels and the latest news for season 7 of the show and the legacy of the Flash as a character in the multiverse.

58:40 The weekend wasn't all about movies we get news about DC Titans season 3.

1:02:00 Gotham Knights and Suicide Squad Kills the Justice League and we are about to be gamers.

1:03:00 We almost but didn't forget about Suicide Squad

1:09:20 We close out by talking about the BAWSE panel and the Gold House and we appreciate DC Comics commitment to representation.

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