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SNN: Swamp of Headlines

Greetings Nerds! We are back to bring everyone up to speed on this week TV/Film news highs and lows. First our SNN Host, Sarah Belmont gives her farewell to Billions season four and congratulates The 100 show leads nuptials. Next, the crew discusses the Swamp Thing cancellation and our Mr. Producer Will Polk provides clarity on how the North Carolina film grant actually works and debunks the fake news on the Internet. Finally the crew attempts to discuss the Netflix show When They See Us. We rant...we rave...we review...this is Scene N’ Nerd.

Time Codes:

0:00 Welcome

1:25 Sarah talks about The CW 100 leads nuptials.

4:50 X-Men: Dark Phoenix should we watch it?

10:10 Sarah talks Billions season four finale and other TV.

13:49 The Good Place coming to an end.

15:02 DCU Swamp Thing cancellation correcting the record about the NC Film Grant program.

22:08 DCU Swamp Thing 1 x 02 recap

39:20 Netflix When They See Us

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