Scene N Nerd Podcast

SNN: Supergirl Ended up on the Throne

Greetings Nerds! We are back to yes talk the end of Game of Thrones, but also social media corruption. First, our SNN Host Sarah Belmont and Guest Host Lindsay Lee get into a heated debate about all the sins committed during the Game of Thrones series finale. Then our SNN Producer, Will Polk leads us through the Quest for Peace, with a Supergirl season four wrap up. We rant...we rave...we review...this is Scene N’ Nerd.


00:00 Welcome and Sarah has some microphone issues, stay with us for the payoff!

01:00 Jump right into Game of Thrones finale discussion.

02:00 Lindsay gives her initial impressions of the finale.

03:15 Sarah gives her thoughts on the finale.

04:00 Lindsay and Sarah provide full analysis of the finale.

26:00 Prequel discussions for Game of Thrones and the value of HBO subscriptions.

29:15 We discuss fandom entitlement, social media corruption and fandom expectations for Game of Thrones and other popular movies and programs.

37:00 Sarah's Billions pitch

39:45 Supergirl episode 4 x 22 season finale "Quest for Peace."