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SNN: Prequel Madness Pennyworth on Krypton

Greeting Nerds! We are back to talk current comic book TV shows & news, so why do we begin with discussing the Beverly Hills 90210 reboot? Then our SNN Producer, Will Polk takes us to London to breakdown the Batman-less show, Pennyworth. Finally, our SNN Host, Sarah Belmont bring us home to the penultimate episode of Krypton to take some shots at Nyssa, reflect on Kem, and reacts to Doomsday. We rant...we rave...we review...this is Scene N’ Nerd.

Time codes:

0:00 Welcome

1:45 We rave about the BH90210 meta-restart even though we are a comic book show.

9:01 Sarah's thoughts on Honey Boy trailer

13:05 The Hunt gets put off and Confederate is finally put completely down and Amazon's The Boys gets back to work.

22:10 Will and Sarah try to stay awake and engaged during the first few episodes of Pennyworth

35:30 Krypton 2 x 09 "Blood Moon" recap. We compare and contrast these two prequel shows in our discussions of both.

#BH90210 #Krypton #Pennyworth

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