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SNN: Post-Crisis Moods

Greetings nerds! We are back to talk about the Kenobi delays, 2020 Marvel vision, and post-crisis breakdowns. Our host Sarah Belmont gets up immediately on her soapbox to share thoughts on Stephen Amell and Crisis on Infinite Earths. Then our SNN Producer Will Polk shares his thoughts on Supergirl, brainy, and so much more… We rant...we rave...we review...this is Scene N’ Nerd.


0:00 Welcome back Sarah and initial thoughts on the week of the Arrowverse.

3:55 Star Wars: Kenobi show on Disney plus delayed.

11:11 Captain Marvel 2 has new writer and looking for a new director.

16:15 Stephen Amell's interview on the Michael Rosenbaum's podcast "Inside of You."

27:30 Sarah's full rant about "Crisis on Infinite Earths" crossover.

33:20 We are back on the Supergirl train as we recap 5 x 10 "Legion of Superheroes"

39:50 We are growing with Kate Kane on Batwoman 1 x 10 "How Queer Everything is Today."

45:50 Split of opinions on Green Arrow and the Canaries backdoor pilot.

58:14 We visit a post Crisis Freeland in Black Lightning 3 x 10 "The Book of Markovia: Chapter One: Blessings and Curses Reborn."

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