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SNN: Jupiter’s Legacy & other Heroes

We are back to talk about Jupiter’s Legacy and a metahuman crisis on The Flash. First our SNN host, Sarah Belmont shares thoughts on Venom’s carnage and Batwoman. Then our SNN Producer Will Polk goes on a few different tangents of his latest Netflix binge, Jupiter’s Legacy. We rant...we rave...we review...this is Scene N’ Nerd.


0:00 Welcome and opening banter

2:10 Thoughts on the Stranger Things 4 teaser trailer.

5:20 Ms. Marvel on Disney Plus finishes filming their first season.

7:48 Loki moves up to June 9, 2021 on Disney Plus

8:50 The 2022 Golden Globes cancelled due to the ongoing issues with the Hollywood Foreign Press Association's lack of diversity and financial practices.

11:18 Venom 2 trailer discussion.

14:10 Batwoman episode 2 x 13 "I'll Give you a Clue"

17:50 The Flash 7 x 08 "The People vs. Killer Frost" and thoughts on Carlos and Tom leaving.

25:52 Black Lightning 4 x 15 "The Book of Reunification: Chapter Two: Trial and Errors."

29:42 The team discusses their enjoyment of Jupiter's Legacy on Netflix.

51:15 Outro

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