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SNN: Invincible Superheroes

Our dynamic duo is back this week to talk headlines, Lois Lane, and Invincible. First our SNN Host, Sarah Belmont speed runs casting news to share her perspective on Invincible. Then our SNN Producer Will Polk, breaks down the latest and greatest from the man of steel. We rant...we rave...we review...this is Scene N’ Nerd.


0:00 Welcome and our upcoming June scheduling news.

1:30 News Headlines

- Stephen and Robbie Amell have a Code 8 sequel coming

- Mission Impossible 7 halts production due to COVID-19.

- Donnie Yen is joining the cast of John Wick 4.

- Jonathan Majors in talks to join Creed III.

- MCU rumor is Marvel's "What If" is coming in August 2021 to Disney Plus.

- Sony Movie President confirms this week that there is a plan to connect the MCU and the Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters

- Jupiter's Legacy cancelled at Netflix

12:15 Invincible on Amazon Prime

25:30 Superman and Lois episode 1 x 08

40:43 Outro

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