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SNN: Indy PopCon Patrol

We are back to talk about Doom Patrol in a very special Popcon edition of the show. First our host Sarah Belmont, learns about Indy Popcon and recent TV/film news. Then our SNN Producer Will Polk breaks down robot bonding time in the latest Steel & Stone Patrol episode. We rant...we rave...we review...this is Scene N’ Nerd.


0:00 Welcome and introduction by our podcast marathon host and master of ceremonies KJ!

4:10 We have our new Batwoman Javicia Leslie.

9:30 The batfamily continues to grow as Matt Reeves is creating a new The Batman movie spin-off series on HBO Max

12:30 Run cancelled after one season on HBO.

14:15 We give our thoughts on the sixth and final season of The Crown.

16:49 We talk the latest episode of Doom Patrol 2 x 05 "Finger Patrol" aka "Steele and Stone Patrol."

52:30 Closing Banter.

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