Scene N Nerd Podcast

SNN: Deadly Rants, Oscars Recap & Negative Man

Greetings Nerds! An Oscars post-show with shock, awe, and authentic reactions. First our Mister Producer Will Polk breaks down the most recent episodes of The Deadly Class. Then our SNN Host, Sarah Belmont shares her love for Negative Man on Doom Patrol. Finally we end with Will going full nerd about The Flash. We still rant...we still rave...we still review...this is Scene N’ Nerd.


00:00 Welcome and Introductions

1:00 Oscars recap

22:40 Deadly Class episodes 5 "Saudade" and 6 "Stigmata Martyr"

35:09 Doom Patrol "Donkey Patrol"

45:30 The Flash rants, news and theory spirals