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SNN: Cloak & Dagger Hopes & Doom Patrol Fears

Greetings Nerds! First Star Wars Celebration takes over the show discussion with hot topics such as Rise of Skywalker & Mandalorian. First our SNN Producer Will Polk eagerly awaits his co-host’s thoughts about Shazam. Then our SNN Host, Sarah Belmont breaks down the good and the bad of Cloak and Dagger (2x03). Finally, Will tackles the an exhausting Doom Patrol one-off episode where we go into the underground. We rant...we rave...we review...this is Scene N’ Nerd.

Time Stamps

0:27 Tiger Woods talk, stick to genre Will

1:05 Star Wars "The Mandalorian" & "Rise of Skywalker" reactions

15:30 Shazam review (spoilers)

25:12 Cloak and Dagger 2 x 03 "Shadow Selves"

42:25 Doom Patrol 1 x 9 "Jane Patrol"

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