Scene N Nerd Podcast

SNN: Arrowverse Plot Twist...We Disagree

Greetings nerds! Tonight we have a classic Will & Sarah episode, where opinions diverge and clear show allegiances are formed.  First our SNN co-hosts tackle Supergirl’s big return, and debated the choices of a Shott-alone episode. Then we they tackle Ralph Dibny on The Flash, warning someone is wearing rose colored glasses after seeing such a strong episode. The crew closes with a great discussion about Black Lightning’s season one finale and the show as a whole. We rant, we rave, we disagree...this is Scene’ N Nerd.

Time Line:

Banter (News and random thoughts on James Cameron comments) 0:00 to 3:10 minute mark

Supergirl 3:10 minute mark

The Flash 17:10 minute mark

Black Lightning 40:10 minute mark