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SNN: Arrowverse Hotcakes & Picard on the Side

We are back to talk more about our favorite Arrowverse shows and Picard! This is a jam packed show, yet we scramble through some headlines. Then our SNN Host Sarah Belmont rants about various cape crusaders and the speed force death. Finally, our SNN Producer Will Polk can talk about the season finale of Black Lightning! We rant...we rave...we review this is Scene N’ Nerd.


0:00 Welcome and banter about all the COVID-19 news to include Falcon and Winter Solider, Tom Hanks.

4:00 Sarah watches Code 8 and Parasite

9:20 We have a split of opinion on The Flash episode 6 x 14 "Death of the Speed Force."

21:50 So much depth in Batwoman 1 x 14 "Grinning From Ear to Ear."

31:10 We struggle this week with Supergirl 5 x 14 "The Bodyguard."

35:15 Sarah finally get to say to Will this week we can talk about the season 3 finale of "Black Lightning"

41:07 Star Trek Picard shows how you can do fan service to support the story in episode 1 x 07 "Nepenthe" as we welcome Deanna Troi and Will Riker to the series.

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