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SNN: A Pennyworth of thoughts on the Krypton Finale

Greeting Nerds! We are back to rant about Krypton’s cancellation and Pennyworth writers’ story choices. First our SNN Producer, Will Polk gives his soapbox speech on why we should continue watching Pennyworth. Spoiler Alert it is Martha Kane-centric. Then our SNN Host gets on her own soapbox about the Krypton season finale. Spoiler alert Lobo rules. We rant...we rave...we review...this is Scene N’ Nerd.

Time codes:

0:00 Sarah and Will start by talking Will's watching the Star Trek Deep Space Nine documentary "What We Left Behind"

2:10 Quick recap of BH90210 and how it is a good show to close out the summer.

10:05 We recap Pennyworth episodes 3 "Martha Kane" and 4 "Lady Penelope."

25:06 Bittersweet recap of the season 2 finale episode of Krypton "The Alpha and Omega" due to the cancellation of the show.

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