Scene N Nerd Podcast

Hiatus ‘18 Week #15: TV/Film Rambles x2

Greetings Nerds! We are back after Florence disrupted our schedule to ramble about everything. Iron Fist season 2 our SNN Host, Sarah Belmont swears she watched but can’t remember. American Vandal season 2 our SNN Producer, Will Polk rants about its inability to live up to the previous season. Finally we rave about the Captain Marvel trailer...We rant...we rave...we review...this is Scene N’ Nerd.


Rundown Time.

Intro and Donate to "Florence Relief" Text "Florence 20222"  00:00 to 1:30 

Iron Fist Season 2/Daredevil Season 3 trailer 1:30 to 12:40;

American Vandal Season 2 12:40 to 23:40

Captain Marvel trailer 23:40 to 37:30;

Joker stills 37:30 to 41:30

Sarah's movie nights 41:30 to the end