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April 30, 2019

Bonus SNN: A Cloak and Dagger Alignment

Our host Sarah Belmont and producer Will Polk couldn't let the opening weekend of Avengers Endgame overshadow one of the best epi…

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April 30, 2019

SNN: Game Over Thanos! Endgame Spoiler Review

Greetings Nerds! The crew reunites to talk massive Avengers: Endgame spoilers and a few from Game of Thrones 7x03. First our host…

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April 25, 2019

SNN: Arrowverse Soapboxes

Greetings Nerds! When you have to get a ticket for Endgame, it’s not the best time to breakdown the Arrowverse shows. First our d…

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April 17, 2019

SNN: Game of Thrones: Winter is Here

Greetings Nerds! We are back for a Game of Thrones special, featuring our new guest-host Lindsay Lee. Our SNN Host, Sarah Belmont…

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April 15, 2019

SNN: Cloak & Dagger Hopes & Doom Patrol Fears

Greetings Nerds! First Star Wars Celebration takes over the show discussion with hot topics such as Rise of Skywalker & Mandalori…

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April 8, 2019

SNN: Doom Patrol & Cloak & Dagger Therapy

Greetings Nerds! The joke is on us, kinda we first recap Emily Bett’s upcoming departure from Arrow and then breakdown The Joker …

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March 27, 2019

SNN: A Lightning Finale & Arrowverse Villains

Greetings Nerds! Tonight we have a new Guest-Host, Tasha Lysaith dropping into to drop some serious Arrow season seven knowledge …

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March 24, 2019

SNN: Captain Marvel Review & A Deadly Finale

Greetings Nerds! Supernatural and Arrow are coming to an end, but first we have to talk about the Deadly Class season one finale.…

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March 14, 2019

SNN: A Superhero Takeover

Greetings Nerds! First we debate the pros and cons of the spoiler-free Avengers: Endgame trailer. Then our SNN Host Sarah Belmont…

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March 7, 2019

SNN: Flash Rants, Doom Raves, & Classy Reviews

Greetings Nerds! First our SNN Producer, Will Polk busts out the soapbox to talk about The Flash season five. Then our SNN Host S…

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Feb. 27, 2019

SNN: Deadly Rants, Oscars Recap & Negative Man

Greetings Nerds! An Oscars post-show with shock, awe, and authentic reactions. First our Mister Producer Will Polk breaks down th…

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Feb. 19, 2019

SNN: An Umbrella of Fandom Doom

Greetings Nerds! We are back to talk about the Umbrella Academy, Doom Patrol, and fandom deadly secrets. First, our Guest Host Ve…

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Feb. 12, 2019

SNN: Movie Blues, TV Momentum, & Curtis?

Greetings Nerds! We are back to talk about movie news, Arrowverse TV, & SYFY’s Deadly Class. First our SNN Producer Will Polk dro…

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Feb. 5, 2019

SNN: Dad Sighs, Punisher Rants, Arrow drips

Greetings Nerds! We are back to talk show endings, unfulfilled promises, and our April hopes. First the crew rave about the Aveng…

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Jan. 31, 2019

SNN: The Wells Class of Lightning

Greetings Nerds! We are back with a brand new classic Will & Sarah fireside chat. First we rant our way through the news, hopeful…

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Jan. 22, 2019

SNN: A Kinda Nerdy Arrowverse Conversation

Greetings Nerds! Tonight we are back to not stay on topic, revisit old topics, and kinda talk about the Arrowverse. Kinda Nerdy p…

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Jan. 15, 2019

SNN: Past, Present & Future TV

Greetings Nerds! Tonight we look ahead to future TV binges and more. First our crew discuss their most recent Netflix TV binges. …

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Jan. 7, 2019

SNN: 2019 the Year of Managing Expectations

Greetings Nerds! The year is 2019 and we are still talking about DCEU, DCTV, MCU, and Mrs. Maisel. First our SNN Producer, Will P…

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Dec. 19, 2018

SNN: End of Year TV Rants

Greetings Nerds! The shows are on hiatus and we are trying to wrap up other TV shows. First our SNN co-hosts tackle Black Lightni…

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Dec. 13, 2018

SNN: Elseworlds Arrowverse Review Party

Greetings Nerds! We are back to talk about the Arrowverse crossover week and Batwoman! First, our Guest Co-Host, Veronica Rose ta…

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Dec. 6, 2018

SNN: The Flash 100 & Supervillains with Veronica Rose

Greetings Nerds! We are back to talk about our favorite Arrowverse shows’ midseason finales! First our SNN host, Sarah Belmont de…

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Nov. 29, 2018

SNN: The Flash Falls & Arrow Rises

Greetings Nerds! We are back to talk about our favorite Arrowverse shows again! First our SNN Host, Sarah Belmont gets out her so…

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Nov. 20, 2018

SNN: On Assignment at NCComicon

Greetings Nerds! A special holiday edition of our show as our SNN producer Will Polk went on assignment and covered NCComicon. We…

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Nov. 14, 2018

SNN: Where did they [the writers] go wrong?

Greetings Nerds! We are back to talk about our favorite Arrowverse shows again! First our SNN host, Sarah Belmont debates the pro…

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